Terre Haute Lodge No. 19, F. & A. M.

Chartered September 13, 1821

WWII Letter Preservation Project

at Terre Haute Lodge No. 19, F. & A. M.

The Project

Terre Haute Lodge No. 19, F. & A. M. has digitized a cache of letters from our archives spanning from March 1943 - January 1946.  These letters were created by the Lodge's War Service Committee, were mailed to all Members of the Lodge that were known to be in the Armed Service.  The letters contained reports of the ongoings of the Lodge and Brothers in Terre Haute, updates on mailing addresses of the members in the Service, and paraphrased letters from service members who wrote back to the Lodge.
The letters, under the writing of Richard P. Gillum, PM, took on the format of a radio news broadcast with W.Bro. Gillum serving as the broadcaster, and the Brothers in the service writing letters as foreign correspondents.  With this as inspiration Number 19 has taken on a project of, with the least edits possible, transitioning all of the letters into the radio broadcast format audio recording the 37 letters as such.

The goal is to share the finished product, as well as the letters themselves, with institutions such as the National World War II Museum in New Orleans, the Vigo County Historical Museum, the Vigo County Public Library, the Indiana State Museum, and Indiana State Library.

How you can Help

The Lodge is actively seeking persons interested in portraying the 87 stars of the show via voice interpretations.  The parts range from large "broadcaster" sections, to as small as rank & address updates, or recording the name of the service member.  You will be credited in the audio credits and in future use and distribution for your assistance with this project, and you will be helping to ensure that the memories of these valiant soldiers and sailors continue through posterity.

If you are a relative or friend of one of the below listed Servicemen we would love for you to be involved by portraying your family member or family friend.

To be involved, contact Jordan Bayles at Secretary@TerreHaute19.com.

The Stars

The stars of the project are the Servicemen that played a role in the letters, as well as Bro. Frank H. Lamb & W.Bro. Richard P. Gillum who read the incoming letters, wrote the monthly outgoing letters, and served on the War Service Committee.  The following men will be portrayed in voice for the audio project:​

Walter C. Anderson

Birch E. Bayh, Sr.

Warren H. Behringer

Theron S. Bell

John H. Bright

Guy K. Chambers

Robert H. Colwell

Max H. Cooprider

Norman T. Cottom

John B. Cundiff

Thomas W. Cundiff

Norman L. Darrow

Wade L. Dickey

Clifton E. Dodson, Jr.

Merle C. Drew

Tennyson L. Edwards

Robert C. Essex

Theodore R. Fell

Byron E. Ferguson

John C. Figg

James L. Foster

George J. Garrigus

Richard P. Gillum

Edward C. Graff

Alfred D. Griffy

Richard A. Heustis

James R. Hiner

Palmer Z. Holmes

Rahe O. Hornug

John B. Hunter

Wilbut W. Hutton

Paul A.E. Iahn

Richard F. Jeffers

Lawrence L. Jewell

Paul S. Johnson

Harold F. Kadel

Matthew H. Kennedy

James Ross Kord

John L. Kuykendall

Albert F. Lager

Hova C. Lake

Frank H. Lamb

Howard M. Luttrell

Leon Maehling

Lyle R. Maehling

Wilbur C. McCormick

John R. McGlone

Samuel R. McGurk

Tom McGurk

Phillip A. Minnis

Edmund C. Montgomery

John R. Motz

William E. Nash

Robert A. Needham

Otto P. Newhart

Phillip A. Newhart, Jr.

Harold E. Ogden

Robert G. Patterson

Walter L. Pennington

Russell L. Phillips

Charles E. Piety

Stewart R. Pitser

Henry R. Potts

Robert K. Price

James R. Ransford

William D. Reece

Thomas M. Reid

Ralph E. Reynolds

Leo D. Richey

John A. Riddick

Thomas E. Roberts

Wayne C. Roberts

John E. Rowe

John M. Sanford

Wallace L. Sanford

Raymond L. Scherich

Froman P. Schobert

John R. Shannon

Paul C. Sheldon

Robert C. Simpson

Jack H. Smith

Raymond E. Sparks

Paul H. Strassler

Ralph M. Thompson

William R. Utterback

Albert M. Weinbrecht

Paul E. Wilbur

11 February 2024 5:55pm