Terre Haute Lodge No. 19, F. & A. M.

Chartered September 13, 1821

Masonic Education

Masonic education is the cornerstone of your Masonic life.  Every Mason is taught to always be in search of more light.  Education and instruction in Masonic topics is an important part of life in Terre Haute Lodge, No. 19.  This page contains a variety of topics for consumption by Masons and non-Masons alike.

Recomended Reading

-Official Ritual of the Grand Lodge of Indiana, Grand Lodge of Indiana

-Indiana Blue Book of Masonic Law, Grand Lodge of Indiana

-Indiana Monitor and Freemasons Guide, Grand Lodge of Indiana​

-Ancient Charges of Freemasonry, The, by James Anderson

-Ninety Years of Masonry: Terre Haute Lodge, No. 19, Edward Gilbert​

-Introduction to Freemasonry, Carl H. Claudy

-The Newly Made Mason, H. L. Haywood

-The Builders, Joseph Fort Newton

-Short Talks on Masonry, Joseph Fort Newton

-Old Tiler Talks, Carl H. Claudy

-Masonic Encyclopedia, Henry W. Coil

-A Comprehensive Guide to Freemasonry, Henry W. Coil

-The Concise History of Freemasonry, Robert F. Gould

-The Complete Idiots Guide to Freemasonry, Dr. S. Brent Morris

-Is it True What They Say About Freemasonry?, Dr. S. Brent Morris and Arturo de Hoyos

-Freemasons for Dummies, Christopher L. Hodapp

-Solomon's Builders, Christopher L. Hodapp

​-A History of Freemasonry in Indiana: From 1806 to 1898, Daniel McDonald

-Goodly Heritage: One Hundred Fifty Years of Freemasonry in Indiana, Dwight L. Smith

-Heritage Endures: Perspectives on Two Hundred Years of Indiana Freemasonry, Christopher L. Hodapp

Other Sources

​-The Masonic Roundtable Podcast

-Masonic Service Association of North America Short Talk Bulletin & Podcast

-Masonic Library & Museum of Indiana

-Masonic Restoration Foundation

-The Masonic Society

​-The Scottish Rite Research Society (Southern Masonic Jurisdiction)

-Dwight L. Smith Lodge of Research

-Solomon (by the United Grand Lodge of England)

-REHMLAC+, University of Costa Rica Historical Studies Program of Freemasonry

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