Terre Haute Lodge No. 19, F. & A. M.

Chartered September 13, 1821

Past Masters

of Terre Haute Lodge No. 19, F. & A. M.

Peter B. Allen

Peter B. Allen*: 1819-1821, 1823, 1825

Demas Deming, Sr.
Samuel McQuilkin

Demas Deming, Sr.*: 1821

Samuel McQuilkin*: 1821, 1822-1823, 1824

Lucius H,. Scott

Lucius H. Scott*: 1822
Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania: 1865-1866

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Thomas H. Clark*: 1825

Elijah Tillotson, Jr.

Elijah Tillotson, Jr.*: 1826, 1827, 1828, 1829-1830, 1833

John F. Cruft

John F. Cruft*: 1827

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Henry Allen*: 1828, 1831-1832

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Ransom Miller*: 1834-1845

James S. Freeman

James S. Freeman*: 1846-1847, 1849

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Dayton Topping*: 1847-1848

Albert Lange

Albert Lange*: 1848, 1849

Robert Wharry

Robert Wharry*: 1850, 1853

George F. Lyon

George F. Lyon*: 1850-1851

Arba Holmes

Abra Holmes*: 1852, 1857, 1861

Thomas I. Bourne

Thomas I. Bourne*: 1854

James S. Wyeth

James S. Wyeth*: 1855-1856, 1858

Richard W. Thompson

Richard W. Thompson*: 1859

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James D. Wright*: 1860

Lyndon H. Smith

Lyndon H. Smith*: 1862-1868

Robert Van Valzah

Robert Van Valzah*: 1869-1870, 1873-1876, 1878
Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Indiana: 1878-1879

Edward L. Norcross

Edward L. Norcross*: 1871-1872

Alexander Thomas

Alexander Thomas*: 1877

Henry M. Ballew

Henry M. Ballew*: 1879-1880

Thomas B. Long

Thomas B. Long*: 1881-1885
Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Indiana: 1889-1890

Frank C. Donaldson

Frank C. Donaldson*: 1886-1887

Harry P. Creager

Harry P. Creager*: 1888

John F. Cruft

John W. Cruft*: 1889

Jacob D. Early

Jacob D. Earley*: 1890

George E. Pugh

George E. Pugh*: 1891

William C. Durham

William C. Durham*: 1892

William Penn

William Penn*: 1893, 1899

George A. Gagg

George A. Gagg*: 1894

George C. Buntin

George C. Buntin*: 1895

Louis Craig

Louis Craig*: 1896

Robert W. Van Valzah

Robert W. Van Valzah*: 1897

Hal H. Dronberger

Hal H. Dronberger*: 1898

Samuel L. Fenner

Samuel L. Fenner*: 1900

David Lesseig

David Lesseig, Jr.*: 1901

William H. Jackson

William H. Jackson*: 1902

William S. Roney

William S. Roney*: 1903

Fred J. Longman

Fred J. Longman*: 1904

Horrace E. Tune

Horace E. Tune*: 1905

John Cline

John Cline*: 1906

William B. Hice

William B. Hice*: 1907

Luther Z. Breaks

Luther Z. Breaks*: 1908

Elam S. Williams

Elam S. Williams*: 1909

Walter C. Clark

Walter C. Clark*: 1910

Harold A. Elton

Harold A. Elton*: 1911

John Stuart Jordan

John Stuart Jordan*: 1912

Truman B. English

Truman B. English*: 1913

Otto A. Cottom

Otto A. Cottom*: 1914

Thomas J. Sanders

Thomas J. Sanders*: 1915

Walter B. Noffsinger

Walter B. Noffsinger*: 1916

Clyde P. Paris

Clyde Paris*: 1917

Charles E. Scott

Charles E. Scott*: 1918

Hugh E. Garrot

Hugh E. Garrott*: 1919

George W. Kruzan

George W. Kruzan*: 1920

Zory J. King

Zory J. King*: 1921

Herschell G. Harrah

Herschell G. Harrah*: 1922

Charles W. West

Charles W. West*: 1923

Charles W. Cornutt

Charles W. Cornutt*: 1924

Guy W. Rustamier

Guy W. Rustanmier*: 1925

John R. Hunter

John Ross Hunter*: 1926
Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Indiana: 1939-1940

Daniel E. Miller

Daniel E. Miller*: 1927

Richard P. Gillum

Richard P. Gillum*: 1928

Charles R. Roberts

Charles R. Roberts*: 1929

Hugh M. Leith

Hugh M. Leith*: 1930

Morris L. Cleverly

Morris L. Cleverley*: 1931

Rector R. Capps

Rector R. Capps*: 1932

Chester C. Smith

Chester C. Smith*: 1933

Russell A. Myers

Russell A. Myers*: 1934

Jesse D. Hicks

Jesse D. Hicks*: 1935

Dolph C. Cross

Dolph C. Cross*: 1936

John D. Royer

John D. Royer*: 1937

William G. Adams

William G. Adams*: 1938

Alta L. Richards

Alta L. Richards*: 1939

Willis S. Driskell

Willis S. Driskell*: 1940

Walter G. Rice

Walter G. Rice*: 1941

Lester H. Spencer

Lester H. Spencer*: 1942

Roy W. LaFollette

Roy W. LaFollette*: 1943

Gilbert L. Piker

Gilbert L. Piker*: 1944

Jack C. Ballinger

Jack C. Ballinger*: 1945

George W. Stewart

George W. Stewart*: 1946

Phillip O. Roth

Philip O. Roth*: 1947

Herman C. Canine

Herman C. Canine*: 1948

Philip M. Baugh

Philip M. Baugh*: 1949

Ralph E. Elrod

Ralph E. Elrod*: 1950

Wilbert C. Cottrell

Wilbert C. Cottrell*: 1951

Clark M. Hayward, Jr.

Clark M. Hayward, Jr.*: 1952

Clifford F. Wampler

Clifford F. Wampler*: 1953

Ernest Molter

C. Ernest Molter*: 1954

Robert L. Vermillion

Robert L. Vermillion*: 1955

Jack J. Hudson

Jack J. Hudson*: 1956

Marvin M. Foulke

Marvin M. Foulke*: 1957

Charles M. Banks

Charles M. Banks*: 1958

Basil E. Bennett

Basil E. Bennett*: 1959

Alfred E. Eskew

A. Eugene Eskew*: 1960

Joseph G. Barton

Joseph G. Barton*: 1961

Charles W. Fort

Charles W. Fort*: 1962

Jeff J. Miller

Jeff J. Miller*: 1963

Paul E. Hartzler

Paul E. Hartzler*: 1964

James J. Riggle

James R. Riggle*: 1965, 1983

Nicholas M. Dupies

Nicholas M. Dupies*: 1966

Vernon B. Cristee

Vernon B. Cristee*: 1967

Hugh E. Titus

Hugh E. Titus*: 1968, 1992

Paul W. Sudbrink

Paul W. Sudbrink*: 1969, 1977

Ralph T. Pence

Ralph T. Pence*: 1970, 1991

William P. Sheets

William P. Sheets*: 1971

Robert F. Miller

Robert F. Miller*: 1972

Phillip J. Baker, Jr.

Philip J. Baker, Jr.*: 1973

Charles L. Compton

Charles L. Compton: 1974, 1998

Bruce D. Willis

Bruce D. Willis: 1975

Clarence H. Jones

Clarence H. Jones*: 1976

Horace E. Pence

Horace E. Pence*: 1978

Jesse W. Oliver

Jesse W. Oliver*: 1979-1980

J. Lynn Addison

J. Lynn Addison*: 1981

Merlin H. Whitehead

Merlin W. Whitehead*: 1982

John L. Ross

John L. Ross*: 1984

Jack A. Whitehead

Jack A. Wright*: 1985

Larry R. Snow

Larry R. Snow*: 1986

Loren L. O'Neal

Loren L. O'Neal*: 1987, 2000

Norman G. Hall

Norman G. Hall*: 1988

Dennis R. Cummins

Dennis R. Cummins*: 1986, 1993

Warren H. Brewer

Warren H. Brewer, Jr.*: 1990

Howard P. Higgins

Howard P. Higgins*: 1994, 2001

Myron E. Johnson

Myron E. Johnson*: 1995

Greg A Morris

Greg A. Morris*: 1996

Gary W. O'Neal

William J. Chance: 1997, 1999

Robert L. Shockley

Robert L. Shockley*: 2002-2003

Dr. David M. Peter

David M. Peter: 2004-2005, 2009-2011

Bruce Drummond

Bruce Drummond: 2006

Bruce H. Royer

Bruce H. Royer: 2007

S. Alex Ruthman

S. Alex Ruthman: 2008

Justin E. Runyon

Justin E. Runyon: 2012

Matthew E. Lowe

Matthew E. Lowe: 2013-2014, 2017, 2023

Jordan M. Bayles

Jordan M. Bayles: 2015

Ian J. Bertucci

Ian J. Bertucci: 2016, 2019, 2021-2022

Christopher N. Cordray

Christopher N. Cordray: 2018

No Image on File

Christopher L. Thompson: 2020

No Image on File

Ethan R. Rayburn: 2023

Notes about Past Masters

* = Deceased

1819 - 1821: Lodge was operating as Terre Haute Lodge, U. D. (Under Dispensation)

1821 - 1835: Bi-annual Elections held every six months, at the stated meetings in June and December.

1835 - 1844: No surviving records; Lodge met sub-rosa.

1845-1870: Annual Elections held a the June stated meeting.

1870 - Present: Lodge Elections are held at the meeting next preceding the Feast of St. John the Evangelist (December 27th)
12 December 2023 3:47pm