Terre Haute Lodge No. 19, F. & A. M.

Chartered September 13, 1821

Euclid Lodge

No. 573, F. & A. M.

1886 - 2005

Euclid Lodge No. 573, F.&A.M., was a Masonic Lodge chartered under the Grand Lodge of Indiana, Free and Accepted Masons in Terre Haute, Indiana.  Euclid Lodge was Chartered on May 25, 1886 and operated until it's merger with Terre Haute Lodge No. 19 on November 18, 2005.  Euclid Lodge was one of the four Masonic 'Blue Lodges' that was an original shareholder in the Terre Haute Masonic Temple.

“On June 25, 1885 twenty two Master Masons petitioned the Grand Lodge for a dispensation to form and operate a new lodge named ‘Euclid’ in Terre Haute until a charter could be granted.  On September 21, 1885, after favorable recommendation by the three them existing Terre Haute Lodges the petition was granted.  Signers of this petition were: Thaddeus S. Moore (Moore-Langen), Samuel Prevo (of Marshall, Illinois), Julius F. Roedel (wholesale grocer at First and Ohio), John R. Coffin (contractor), Reuben Burney, Winfield B. Brick, Charles E. Temple (father of Temple Laundry owners), Horace M. Kearns, Charles H. Goodwin (local printer), James Wisely (another printer), Ellis E. South (Big Four Railroad), Julius Brittlebank, Ambrose W. Smith, George Libbert, William E. Burk, James Torrence, George Flood (who lived at Fourth and Washington), Wm. Gaul, Orville E. Raidy (railroader slated to be the third Master of the Lodge but was transferred away from here and didn’t become Master until 1911), Henry Orril, Samuel E. Armstrong and Walter S. Pierce.  Acting officers were: J. E. Roedel, worshipful master; Orville E. Raidy, senior warden.

On May 25, 1886, the Grand Lodge granted a Charter to Euclid Lodge No. 573.  The charter membership totaled 35, an increase of 13 over the petition.  Under the charter the first officers of the lodge were the three named above and Julius Brittlebank, treasurer; James Wisely, secretary”

Euclid Lodge Celebrates 75th Anniversary
By Dorthy J. Clark
Terre Haute Tribune
Sunday, May 21, 1961
Page 4

For a list of the Past Masters of Euclid Lodge No. 573, F.&A.M., view them here.

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