​​​​Terre Haute Lodge No. 19, F.& A.M.

Terre Haute, Indiana         

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Audit Committee:

Dr. David Peter, PM  Chairman

Michael Kuckewich

Walter Caulton

Masonic Educaion Committee:

Christopher Thompson, PM  Chairman

Matthew Lowe, PM

Franklin Patterson

Michael Wallace

Charity Committee:

Jordan Bayles, PM  Chairman

Ian Bertucci, PM

Ethan Rayburn

Walter Caulton

Family Committee:

Christopher Cordray, PM  Chairman

Christopher Thompson, PM

Jordan Bayles, PM

Josh Wright

Indiana Masonic Home & Foundation:

Matthew Lowe, PM  Ambassador

Masonic Relief Board:

Ian Bertucci, PM  Representative

Proficiency Committee:

Elected Officers

Past Masters

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Terre Haute Lodge No. 19 Facebook

Terre Haute Lodge No. 19, F.&A.M.

Terre Haute Masonic Temple

224 North 8th Street

​Terre Haute, Indiana 47807